SAFARICOM SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2016 : The breakdown in brief


Kenya’s largest telecommunication company Safaricom has released its 5th Sustainability Report in which it highlights and gauges the business environment under which the company operated under in the past 12 months. The report covered four key areas in Governance, risk and regulation, network quality, innovation as well as environmental impact.

The sustainability report is a comprehensive compilation of information that explains in keen detail the set of procedures, business practices, and policies that constitute the organizations philosophy, wider set of values that guide and define decision making throughout the company as well as shaping its future proposition.

In this year’s report, Safaricom notes a slight decrease in its customer subscription market share by 1.5 percent to settle at 65.6 percent reflecting a change in its internal reporting methodology. The report states that the data unlike previously was exclusive of inactive members within the past 90 days, which essentially removes 1.7 million inactive customers from the count.

The report further highlights the company’s total revenue for the year 2016 which was up by 19.8 percent to register Ksh 195. 6 billion in gross revenue. Furthermore, Safaricom contributed Ksh 383 billion to the wider economy which has further gone to sustain over 800,000 jobs.

Safaricom Limited scores impressively on gender balance at the workplace. The telecommunication firm boasts of an extensive workforce numbering over 4000 staff of which 50 percent are women. This statistic is however not reflected at the management level where the number of women remains relatively low. Moreover the company boasts of a young dynamic workforce with 67 percent in the 30s age bracket, 13 percent in their 20s and only 1 percent in the 50s age bracket.


One of the company’s resolve is to promote efficiency in utilization of natural resources and it includes its customers in the environmental awareness initiatives. One of the actions taken in this regard is switching to bio-degradable plastics for its retail packaging. The use of this sustainable packaging method Safaricom argues it is not only environmentally friendly but also provides convenience for waste management stakeholders and eases the burden of segregating between what can and cannot be recycled.

B2w biodegradable technology converts plastic products made from Polythene, Polypropylene, and Polystyrene into biodegradable material in the open environment at the end of their useful life, in similar manner as a leaf only quicker without leaving toxic residues or plastic fragments.


In addition, the company’s enterprise customer satisfaction was down by 9 percent compared to last year but the organization still bears a commanding lead in its sector of operation and providing service s to approximately 25.2 million customers, a 7.8 percent increase from the previous year.

The organization is running on a strategy that fragments its customers based on their needs to enhance relevance in its product innovation for its targeted customers. Grouped into consumer and enterprise customers, the former represents the individual group of purchasers who are frequent purchasers of goods and services and account for 96 percent of the company’s total consumer base. This section experienced an 8.2 percent growth. The enterprise customers represent the enterprise clientele ranging from SMEs to large corporate firms.


The enterprise consumers under the company’s portfolio totals 84,000 in number, which represents a 16,000 increase from the year 2015. The enterprise consumer segment is split into Large, Public, Small to Medium, and Small Offices to Home Offices (SOHO) enterprises. By placing emphasis and core focus on nurturing long-term relationships and cementing the existing partnerships in the consumer enterprise sector. The company according to the report accounts for 54 percent of the market share in terms of revenue in the enterprise space.


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