Theme: Digital Banking; The New Frontier
The Banking Awards 2017, the 12th annual celebration of the banking sector achievements will be
held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi on Friday 12th May 2017. These awards are organized and hosted
by Think Business Limited, a strategic research and publishing company specializing in financial
sector data and information. Their objective is to encourage innovation, prudence and stability, in
the banking sector by recognizing, awarding and celebrating exemplary performance in the sector.
Our 2017 project planning process involved holding discussions with industry leaders and players. As
such this years’ awards categories and judging criteria will not only focus on financial stability and
growth of the banks but also on how the banks have embraced corporate governance best practices,
products and systems innovation, education as well as engaging in sustainable social projects. The
Best Bank in Kenya 2017 will be the Bank that best demonstrates the above qualities.
A panel of expert judges drawn from various disciplines shall decide on the winners as per set
criteria. The judge’s decisions will be informed by analysis of financial information - statutorily
published by the banks, coupled with information provided in your entry documents. The panel of
judges will contact banks directly for any additional information they might need to help them in the
judging process.
PKF East Africa, the 2017 judging process partners, will oversee and audit the entire judging process
including the selection of judges and verification of entry documents. The closing date for all entries
is Thursday, 30th March 2017. All entries must be submitted to

Note: No physical or late entries will be accepted