Amref Health Africa feted as best African employer in continental brand awards


Group CEO Dr Githinji Gitahi also singled out for his outstanding leadership of the organisation

 Amref Health Africa has been recognized as among the best organisations to work for in Africa at the just concluded 11th Employer Branding Awards ceremony held in the island nation of Mauritius.

Amref Health Africa scooped the ‘Africa Best Employer Brand Award’ while the organisation’s Group CEO, Dr Githinji Gitahi, was honored for his outstanding leadership, receiving the ‘Africa NGO Leadership Award’.

The Best Employer awards were highly competitive and there were 56 entries from organisations across the region.

The Nairobi-based Amref Health Africa, which is the only international health development NGO with roots and headquarters in Africa, has for the past six decades worked with communities in more than 35 countries across the continent to create sustainable health change.

“We work in some of the most remote and challenging environments in Africa. A well-motivated work force that is passionate about changing lives is essential to our success. That is why we purposely invest in the development and well-being of our staff,” remarked Dr Gitahi.

Dr Gitahi stressed the fact that Amref Health Africa was a people-centric organisation. “Our focus on people is reflected not just in the way we treat our staff, but also in our emphasis on community-based health solutions that ensure access to health care for people at the grassroots.” He gave an example of Amref Health Africa’s ongoing campaign for African governments to remunerate community health workers and integrate them into the formal health system.

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